A £50 million flood prevention scheme to protect 1,750 homes and businesses in Glasgow was announced on 18 May 2006.
The flood defences on the White Cart Water at Cathcart are backed by an 80 per cent grant of £40 million from the Executive.

Councillor Archie Graham, the representative for Langside, said: "For the thousands of people and businesses on the banks of the White Cart Water, every winter brings with it the fear of flooding and damage to their properties. I know that today's announcement will be welcomed by everyone.
This is an ambitious project and the news that all the money is now in place to ensure that it is implemented will be a great relief to residents of the south side of Glasgow. I would also like to acknowledge the assistance of both East Renfrewshire and South Lanarkshire Councils who have been key to its delivery.
There have been more than 20 serious floods along the White Cart in the last century, many of these caused by relatively minor storms. We hope that once the new flood protections are in place they will help to ensure any heavy rains will not cause havoc for those living on or near the river."

Glasgow City Council is constructing the White Cart scheme which provides for the construction of three flood water storage sites at Blackhouse, Kirkland Bridge and Kittoch Bridge to temporarily store flood flows with nine hectares of permanent wetlands created, together with approximately eight kilometres of low wall construction along the banks of the river within the city.
The scheme will reduce the present risk of flooding to less than 0.5 per cent annual risk taking into account the impacts of climate change over the life of the scheme.

Deputy Environment Minister Rhona Brankin said:
"I am particularly pleased that Glasgow City Council has adopted a holistic catchment approach in providing a sustainable solution to flooding. It will enhance bio-diversity and increase access to the river throughout the south side of Glasgow with the minimum visual impact for local residents."


Halcrow has been given the green light to proceed to the detailed design and procurement stage on a £50 million flood prevention scheme for the White Cart River in Glasgow, the largest of its kind in Scotland. It will also allow a range of environmental improvements to be undertaken along the White Cart Water corridor.

Halcrow’s project manager, Douglas Luke said: “The predicted risk of flooding will be reduced to less than 0.5%. Halcrow has been involved in the development of this scheme since 2002.

For over a century the White Cart Water has inflicted serious flooding on homes and other properties on the south side of Glasgow, with over 20 serious floods in the last century including one recent occasion when over 500 homes were inundated. The shallow, fast flowing river at White Cart is so prone to flash flooding. Just 12 hours of rain can raise water levels by six metres.”

Halcrow’s sustainable solution to the flooding risk includes the construction of three upstream storage areas to hold the bulk of flood water for controlled release once a storm event has passed, and the creation of low riverside defences in the form of walls and embankments along the urban corridor.


March 2007 update

From Sandy Gillon, Glasgow City Council's Environmental Sustainability Manager, Development & Regeneration Services.
"We can expect to see some works now being delivered on the ground for the flood prevention scheme. The contractor Carillion have now been commissioned to construct the three storage areas in the upper catchment. The work is due to commence later this month and is expected to take 30 months The tenders for the construction of the urban defences are due to be returned to us later this month. Thereafter we will assess the submissions and make a recommendation to committee regarding the appointment of a contractor. It is anticipated that work will not start on the construction of the walls until late summer/early autumn. Construction works are expected to take some 30 months."




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