Riverford Road Bridge to McQuisten Bridge


Riverford Road Bridge
Built 1924
Designer – Considere Constructions Ltd
Contractor – Considere Constructions Ltd
Listed – none
Reinforced concrete beam and slab arch bridge deck
Mass concrete abutments, south abutment is piled, north abutment founded on rockhead
Auldhouse Park
Acquired 1918. Area 19 acres of which 14 were gifted by Sir John Stirling Maxwell.
Formerly two bowling greens; six tennis courts; putting green.
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Auldhouse Burn
Two hundred years ago it ran just east of Shawbridge Street; in 1790 industrial developers diverted part of its flow to join the river above the weir, thus adding to the volume passing over the weir, an insurance against extended dry spell of weather; the original bed of the burn had to be retained for existing users – for a mill lade, well into the 20th century.
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Pollokshaws East railway station, on the Cathcart Circle

Pollok F.C.'s Newlandsfield Park is in the area, adjacent to Pollokshaws East railway station.
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McQuisten Bridge Built circa 1832 and widened in 1907 Designer – unknown Contractor – unknown Listed – Category C(s) Original 1832 arch forms central section and was widened in 1907 on both up and down stream sides. Parapets and edges of arch barrel are granite, remainder of structure is sandstone
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